Knives For Sale
Hunting knife,made from high quality 154 CM equivalent to Ats- 34 steel.Boltster made from brass dove tailed into Black canvas micarta.Mosaic pins of brass.Sheath/Scabbard made from Black canvas micarta and leather.
$250.00 USD Includes personalization engraving.
lorne_sharpening014011.jpg lorne_sharpening014010.jpg lorne_sharpening014009.jpg
Kitchen knife made from high quality 154 CM steel,handle from African Blackwood.Overall length 11.5" Blade length 6".$110.00 USD not including taxes.
Carving Knife,made from 154 CM Steel.Handle is African Blackwood.Overall length 14" blade length 8.5"$125.00 USD not including taxes.
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Honey Bee knife,Made from S35VN Steel.Handle is Yellow and Black G-10.The knife is 8.5" Overall length.The blade is 3.25".Laser engraved with a Honeycomb pattern and Honey Bee head.Presently not for sale.
Kitchen Cleaver,Made from 154 CM Steel,Handle is black linen Micarta.Overall length is 12".Blade is 6.25"Width is 3/32"Price is $125.00 USD
Knives Not For Sale
Fillet Knife,Made from 154 CM Steel,Handle is black linen Micarta.More info coming...
Kitchen Knife Made from 154 CM Steel,Handle is black linen Micarta.Brass 1/4 rods.Overall length 8.5" Blade 4.75".Laser engraved blade and hande.$100.00 USD
Knives that are Sold